We are building the Matapa Centre for the arts.


Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says:

- “Everyone has the right to participate freely in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits” 

- "Everyone is entitled to the protection of moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which is the author. “

We are building a new Centre for the Arts in Machavenga, inhambane, Mozambique and we hope to have you on board. Get involved! 

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Facilities at the centre

About the Centre


In between the towns of Inhambane, Barra & Tofo Beach, is an area called Machavenga. Located in front of a lake Muague, this beautiful setting creates the perfect backdrop in which to develop this fantastic creative project, the new Matapa Centre for The Arts. Surrounded by poor communities of which more that 60% are woman and children with little to no income, The Centre aims to employ and educate, become a tourism hotspot and a new workspace for expanding arts and crafts with a strong emphasis on music development for the local community.

The Matapa Restaurant Bar


 The Matapa Restaurant & Bar: It’s all about Matapa. Not because of the name of the Centre but also because Matapa is the most sought after food when it comes to trying a traditional Mozambican dish. The Restaurant aims to attract many tourists and the food will be cooked by local women in a traditional way - yet presented in a professional way so that tourists have a wonderful local experience. The revenue from the Restaurant will support the “An Instrument for Every Child” programme and other costs related to the centre. 

The Museum + Stage + Audio & Medial Lab


This 20m X 15m stage is designed to host big events with crowd seating in our garden arena.  The most valuable thing is that the stage has a basement that serves as the housing for one of our major programmes “An Instrument for Every Child”. It also serves as a creative hub for artists and includes a media lab fully equipped with audio and video equipment.

The Muangue Art Cafe


 The Wang Arte/Cafe Concerto: Is designed to be a multi-purpose space in a format of Black Box. In this venue we aim to present films, contemporary dance and art, host book launches, conversations, workshops, acoustic shows and use it also as a classroom when necessary.

This venue will be primarily be the home of the Girls Book Club and will accommodate around 250 people. 

Machavenga Guest House


 Machavenga Guest House (Under construction): It will accommodate artists in residency and also all artists coming to perform from outside the region. While not accommodating artists it can also serve to accommodate tourists and generate income for the Centre’s activities. 

The Book, Cd & Craft Store


 The Book, CD & Craft Store: This store is set to be a community store that showcases the arts & crafts produced in the community and also by its partners.